Imagine for a moment how an x-ray can show the inner structure of the human skull, pinpointing areas that cannot be seen,the Astrological chart is a map, an image of the subconscious mind, revealing the subtle influences that fuel our actions, our thoughts our motivations and behavior, it can also reveal where and in what area of life we have the greatest potential for success and happiness, it pinpoints areas of strength and weakness.

The natal chart is an image of who you are and what you may become along with possible roadblocks that must be worked through in order to progress in our walk in this lifetime.. by interpreting the planetary placements and how the planet's energies interact with each other at the time of our birth, the chart can be interpreted to uncover our unique personalities, at Astrorealm,
  we also interpret psychic revelations that are found within the chart to construct a complete astrological workup and guide to harmony and fulfilment in this lifetime..
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Birth Charts Reveal  Your Career path, -  Your Relationships   - Your Personality  - Your hidden Potential
The Birth Chart is laminated and printed on high quality paper and it is Suitable for framing! The accompaning interpretation will be at least 35pages long and very detailed. It will describe the positions of the planets including the Sun and Moon as well as the major asteroids at the time of your birth, it is with this information that an astrological profile will be formulated, you will be amazed at the accuracy of the report!

For a limited time I will include a past life reading as well as a Free Quartz Crystal Pendulum with each order!

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