WE offer a choice of two comprehensive  reports from which to choose to fit your budget....
Each forecast is customized to your specific birth chart calculation,and it will reveal the major impacts of the planetary movements that will affect you in the days and months ahead, this is much more accurate that the sun-sign horoscopes you read in the magazines or in the paper,they gauge the readings only on the Sun, however with the professional horoscope,you get forecasts on all of the nine planets as well as the Moon (emotional issues) and the Asteroid Chiron(area's where we feel helpless)  these readings will focus on your love life, your finances ,career issues, educational matters ect.as well as the best time to act in a given situation....
The 6 month report :  a full 6 month forecast on your life's issues with major transits in your chart calculated for all areas of your life, the report arrives in a plastic cover along with a free gift for you!

The full year report :   Special Offer: We are now offering a report providing a full twelve month of Mars through Pluto transit aspects with a special interpretation of the anticipated trend of events. The reports pinpoints when the influence of the transit is likely to begin, when it is exact, and when it is effectly finished. This is a report you'll want to check every day of the week as soon as you awaken! 
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Your laminated Birth chart wheel will be included with each order for the 12 month report!

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