The planet Saturn's influence is one of a slow learning process, it teaches us that only after we have mastered and over come shortcomings in our walk in life can we be allowed to progress on to higher ground, this influence could be seen as a barrier to us, but in fact it only assists us in our path to enlightenment, there are no short cuts, where this planet is concerned..
  It is the Saturn in us that goes back an rechecks our answers to a test, it is Saturn that compels us to do things right the first time,without taking the easy way out, Saturn is the ruler of time, it follows us from one lifetime into the next, always there reminding us of our weakness what ever that may be,
 This planet endows us with organizational skills as well as logic and reason to understand a situation clearly and without emotional bias. 

the planet Saturn
The Planet Saturn (Ruler of Capricorn)
the sunsign Capricorn
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