The planet Neptune symbolizes our need to merge with the universal whole , this planet influences the sign Pisces with an extreme sensitivity and psychic awareness that at times can lead to a dreamy state of mind.The area that Neptune occupies in our chart can at times, bring about confusion and obscurity, it is an area that we do not understand. Neptune, discovered in 1846, heralded humanities entrance into planes of higher spiritual enlightenment, areas such as Astrology, extra sensory perception,other world contact,and various forms of meditation began to emerge and take on a new acceptance, many famous psychics and clairvoyants were born of the sign Pisces, it's the Neptune in us when we hear of war and those lost in it that cause us to weep and become overwhelmed by those killed that we have not even known, it's the Neptune influence in us when we day dream from time to time and wonder just who we are and where we belong in this vast expanse, knowing all along that we are part of the universal scheme of things.
Having such extreme sensitivity, the Pisces individual can sometimes be overwhelmed by there own emotions and need a calming gentle influence in which to retreat.
This planet seeks to dissolve the limitations put on us by the planet Saturn, it teaches us that there are no boundaries in this life,and that if we follow our dreams we can uncover the universal truths that lie before us.The power of this planet lies in the dream realm, as many born of this planet, including the late Albert Einstein, arrived at universal truths through their dreams.
Many persons born under the sign Pisces seek to express this desire to merge with the universe by their works of art,poetry and other creative avenues, they will utilize these including careers in the healing fields, such as nurses, doctors ect,to express their need to assist others and in the process contribute to the universal harmony in which they seek to merge into.
At times this planet can create a cloudy confused state of mind, esp when it is in retrograde in our chart , it can result in indecisiveness and daydreaming as well.
In the full interpretation of our birth chart, Neptune can show where and how we can express our higher ideals and goals in order to create harmony and beauty in our life.

 The Planet Neptune (Ruler of Pisces)
       (An outer planet of the Zodiac)
the planet Neptune
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