Mercury, rules over the mind,intelligence and also of communication and the exchange of ideas and concepts both abstract and tangible...
This planetary influence empowers Gemini with a curiosity and a restlessness to learn and gain knowledge of the world around us, they will utilize education, the arts, philosophy, books ect to satisfy this instinct to assimilate knowledge, the free flow of communication is vital to this quest,In the sign Virgo we can notice this influence in an analytical, calculating mind that loves being critical, attention to detail is this sign's asset.
The Mercury influence can at times,lend itself to restlessness and boredom in finishing tasks as the drive to move on and continue to gain knowledge may lead to tasks uncompleted.

An analogy to this planet's energy in the sign Gemini can be observed in the butterfy as we watch it flit from flower to flower anxious to seek out the new and different but never landing on one item long enough to fully consume all there is to offer.

Sometimes this influence can be described as a jack of all trades but a master of none, the Mercury ruled can be an engaging and versatile conversationalist able to hold a dialog on a variety of subject matterNegative aspects with this planet seem to culminate in a communication breakdown in one form or the other, the dissemination of information and exchange of ideas seems to be hampered, the same situation arises whenever this planet goes retrograde...

 The Planet Mercury (Ruler of Gemini and Virgo)
the planet Mercury
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