The Warrior"
This planet rules over the first house of the zodiac, the house of ambition and outward personality.
The Martian influence can be felt in the attributes of ambition,initiative,and assertiveness,it's what empowers the sign Aries with the drive and motivation to get things done, to achieve, to boldly reach out and seize the moment...

There is nothing dull or boring when it comes to this planet's influence, the Mars energy also rules over the sexual drive in our personalities ,it's the Mars in you when you ask someone out for a date, when you ask the boss for a raise, when you demand your money back for a broken item, when you stand up for your rights!
The negative aspects of the above influence can culminate in insensitivity, impulsiveness and impatience that can sometimes lead to making poor decisions and bring about hurt feelings, when this planet is in retrograde, expect over ambition and a more than feisty attitude to prevail.
Mars is sometimes outspoken and often restless, and for this reason you sometimes "rub people the wrong way."  With your assertive nature, others may get the impression you are looking for a fight when you are only seeking friendly competition.  You enjoy being physically active; just be careful that your impatience does not result in carelessness.  You'd rather be a leader than a follower.

    The Planet Mars  Ruler of Aries
the planet Mars
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