For many years man has tried but failed to uncover  concrete evidence of alien  contact or abductions yet the reports of these events continue  and their numbers are rising.......
By utilizing the techniques of Astrology , by way of the birth chart it has been found that most of these individuals are what astrology calls outer planet people, that is  people with one or more of the outer planets,Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in particular houses of the zodiac. These planets are referred to as the higher octive planets in that they function at a higher vibratory rate then the personal planets in the birth chart , any time a planet transits or approaches  and crosses over it's natal position in the birth chart it can signify or trigger extraordinary events to occur in our lives and these events can then be plotted and validated for a given time period. it appears that most people with these planets, in particular the planet Uranus prominent in their charts seem to be predisposed to these type of events happening at some point in their lives.
 If you have had such an experience and would like to have your birth chart calculated you maybe surprised to find that you too may be an outer planet individual  and astrology may hold the answers that you are seeking
 Visit our birth chart page and order yours today and we will continue our search for the truth not by traditional means but  using the ancient science of Astrology!

astrology and alien contact with U.F.O's
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