AstroRealm Astrology was founded on Dec 9th 1993 , the result of a joint venture by two people fascinated by the science of astrology my wife Julia,and myself, Martin DeAnnuntis.  .We began by selling zodiac designs created with high end 3d modeling and graphics programs , we then incorporated these designs on high quality mouse pads ,keychains and bookmarks, With the advent of the Internet we decided to further structure the company towards this end, this avenue gave us the ability to broaden our services to include Birth charts, compatibility reports or synastry readings psychic readings derived and inspired by the natal chart and career profiles which are now the focus of our company.
We believe that one of the most important decisions one can make in life is choosing the proper career path to follow, as the choice we make can make the difference between success and happiness or just plain getting by, stuck in a job we neither like nor excel at.

If you do nothing else in your life time you owe it to yourself to have a chart done and you'll see as we did that this is for real! it's not magic or some obscure art nor is it devil worship, it is simply the planetary energies that shape our personalities and influence our lives as they cross or transit our natal positions in the sky, why does this work? no one really knows as these subtle cosmic energies have not yet been classified, but then again are we so vain to think that there is nothing that man has not yet defined in the universe? nothing we have not yet discovered?
One could study the art of astrology for a hundred years and still not be able to absorb all it has to offer so our study continues and so does our web site, updated as often as we can so we can pass along our knowledge to you! We also invite you to explore our new Crystal Healing therapy sections of our site you'll be amazed at how these special powerful crystals can enhance and vitalize your life force or aura by interacting with the subtle energy zones know as your  7 major Chakra centers. This Holistic healing therapy has been practiced for  hundreds of years and just recently has gained more notoriety and acceptance by more and more individuals.

We hope you find this site both informative and engaging and maybe we can create the spark that will begin your journey into this fascinating subject

Thanks for visiting us!  if you have any questions you may contact us by clicking the link below

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