You've been searching the personal ads and utilizing dating services with little or no luck, Doe's he or she really exist ? probably you say but how do I find him or her, it's like attempting to grasp air, you always come up empty handed! the reason is you're looking in all the wrong places, and you are using the tools of the material world, your soulmate lies beneath the surface of your conscience mind within your past, to find his or her identity you need a map!
What is a Soulmate?
       A soulmate is defined as the reuniting of two individuals whose past lives have crossed path in one fashion or the other, the connection between them survives beyond death and into the spiritual realm and then back again into the material plane of existence.
To find your soulmate, you must look within yourself, you must delve into the depths of your subconscious past and seek him or her out, it has been said that astrology is a map of the subconscious mind, in that context, utilizing the techniques of astrology we can gain insight as to what to look for when searching for our kindred spirit. Astrologers use the natal chart and the placements of the planets as well as other symbols particularly the South and North nodes of the Moon, the Planet Saturn and the 4th ,8th and 12th
houses of the zodiac in the process of interpreting our past,
Many other factors make up a professional interpretation including the aspects or angles the planets form to each other and the house's of the zodiac that they reside in. The birthchart can tell us the sign of your mate and what qualities and traits to look for, armed with this information we can then become aware of who and what we should seek out in our search. Click on the chart icon below and learn other area's in life the natal chart can reveal!

To find your soulmate you must look within Yourself!

If you already feel that you've found that special someone why not let our psychic astrologer cast a chart for you and give you a free reading? your chart doesn't lie after all it is a map of your life!

Your true soulmate
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