Focused Crystal Healing using the Clear Quartz Pyramid Crystal Matrix

Clear Quartz Crystal (Silicon Dioxide)

We Developed this Crystal Matrix to fully harness the power of the Quartz crystal (Light activated) which energizes the 3 points of the Quartz crystal pyramid, the apex of the Triangle being the main focus of Energy.  Clear Quartz crystal is well known for it's amplifying effect on all other Chakra crystals, it has been used for thousands of years to vitalize the psychic center and bring knowledge and focus into the mind it will show a clear pathway to success and enlightenment, opening the mind to universal oneness and harmony of being.

This Healing kit includes wooden carry case, 4 Clear Quartz crystals all stones are at least 1 inch (Large) we also include the touch( battery operated) light with batteries and a small votive candle to enhance focus as well as complete instructions on using this energy matrix.

Focused Healing Categories

vitalizing your enlightenment center with Quartz crystal therapy
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