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Virgo is lively and talkative with an inborn Attractive personality. They love to express themselves verbally and precisely.  Virgo's ruling planet Mercury influences the mind and adds great analytical ability to the personality.  It also contributes practicality and common sense.
           Virgo will choose to follow a given path rather than express an individual course of action.  Virgo's keen attention to detail can serve them well, however, it can also lead to being too critical of others and nitpicking.

   Virgos are lively, exciting, and meticulous people, they should seek the same in a mate.The fire signs Sagittarius and Aries provide compatible excitement and offer a challenge as well, also the earth signs Capricorn and Taurus provide a common ground for earthly stability and structure.  Good connections can also be found in he water signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, their sensitivity to others feelings can balance the judgmental and critical side of Virgo's personality, for a more detailed look at what Astrology can offer you in the area of your relationships, see our Synastry page remember, Astrology can reveal many details about the personality that may not surface until after the commitment has been made, you owe it to yourself to give Astrology a try as it may save you alot of frustration and pain down the road!

Good occupations for Virgo would be personal assistants, secretaries, court reporters, (Remember; attention to detail) also teachers, accountants, and social services.  Virgo also does well in the scientific fields where exacting calculations are necessary. For a more detailed look at what Astrology can offer in the realm of vocation, see our success page 

   The sign Virgo rules the abdomen and intestines.  These can be problematic at some point in life should stress or imbalance be present.  The outdoors and fresh air are essential to the continued good health of Virgo.  Also meditation and other relaxation techniques can restore balance.                   

For a complete,detailed and personalized analysis of your astrological profile, please visit our Birth Chart page, here you will find what a birth chart analysis can offer you in terms of understanding  who you are and what you can become! Your Personality and Potential  
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Health Concerns

the planet Mercury

Weekly Horoscope
10/20/2014 - 10/26/2014
Virgo, this week the star's message to you is to investgate a health issue that you have been putting off for too long, expect a change of lifestyle to be suggected to you in order to deal with this situation as well as other treatments to be offered , this effect is indicated with the planet of change and at times unwelcome news, Pluto affecting your solar 6th house of health and daily living habits.. The message to you this week is to make time for your own well being... 

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The birth sign Virgo
The birth sign Virgo

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