This planet contributes to our ability to appreciate and absorb all that is beautiful around us,
 it's what we find appealing around us and in others,it casts a cloak of attractiveness around our aura, that others find appealing and attractive,
Venus the temptress, also can be superficial and coveting bringing about the materialistic side of our natures, Some of the Earthly endeavors ruled by this planet include Art, poetry, dance, ballet, sex appeal,  In the sign of Taurus, we can see the Venus influence in the love of possessions, and of the romantic side to the Taurus nature, which is a magnetic appeal to the individual personality that this sign is noted for.
In the sign Libra, we see the effect of this planet in a social grace that empowers these individuals with an appealing nature which bodes well with diplomatic endeavors,they extract beauty from the balance and harmony they seek to achieve in their lives,through their interaction with others although the search for this treasure is not always within the grasp of Libra,it can lead to a constant striving to find the perfect among the ordinary through out life.

The Planet Venus (Ruler of Taurus and Libra)
the planet Venus
the sunsign Taurus
the sunsign Libra
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