The Planet Uranus symbolizes the different, the unique and the independent nature in us and it is energized and multiplied in the sign Aquarius, at times the rebellious nature of this planet's influence can bring about a nonconformity that can create misunderstandings in our career and in our relationships with others.
We must remember that without this planet's inventiveness and unique approaches to life we would not have had many of the discoveries that have occurred in the past century. This planet which was discovered in 1781 by an astronomer by the name of William Herschel was interpretable by the events that were associated with it's discovery, such as the discovery of Uranium, the first flight in a hot air balloon, and the discovery of infra-red waves as a new light in the spectrum that was unseen.this time period also witnessed the American revolution, the French revolution and the beginning of the industrial revolution in America!, Astrologers thus named this planet the great Awakener.
It is the Uranus in us that compels us to question our teacher and the curriculum that's being taught, it's Uranus that's not afraid to seek out the unexplored and find a better way, to try the unorthodox methods that others may shy away from.Its Uranus that speaks to our need for our own space in a relationship and this may be mistaken by our partner as a lack of closeness or romance with Aquarius.
 Uranus breaks us free of the limit's of Saturn however it also works in conjunction with this planet's boundaries, for without the guidance of  Saturn's message, the Uranian energy could transform into chaos and anarchy,

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The Planet Uranus (Ruler of Aquarius)
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