The description of this planet can be summed up as the great transformer, it's influence on the sign Scorpio is one of a constant path of renewal it compels us to seek out a higher state of being, a constant evolving urge that motivates this sign to understand that in order to advance ourselves as humans in this cosmic plane we must be willing to undergo a metamorphosis leaving behind the old and embracing the new. The planet symbolizes the creative and the destructive force within us,
  Pluto teaches us that death is not an end but a transformation into a higher plane of existence, we must be willing to abandon the old ways and seek out that which is beyond our current grasp, to understand the deep secrets of the universe , to do this Scorpio must persevere and concentrate all that it has and this sign has no problem with this at all! sometimes this leads to a sense of restlessness and urgency that can put a strain on a relationship with someone who does not grasp the intensity of this planet's influence.
Scorpio's path is not for the shallow or superficial, to walk with this sign is to embrace the unknown and be willing to adapt and become more than just a individual but to become part of the universe that beckons to us all!

This planet stays in each sign for years at a time and therefore the impact on the personality will be a lasting one, it teaches us that in times of change, the learners will inherit the universal knowledge and the knowers will be left behind with a state of being that no longer exists.

The Planet Pluto (Ruler of Scorpio)
   (An Outer planet of the zodiac)
the planet Pluto
the sunsign Scorpio
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