The planet Jupiter symbolizes our search for meaning and truth in our lives, it compels us to seek out the unknown and expand our understanding the universe and the secrets it holds for all of us,
The planet Jupiter enlarges our view of the world, just as the centaur points his arrow at the center of the universe(Sagittarius) this planet directs us to pursue the path of the explorer and reach beyond the normal range of understanding, it is the Jupiter in us when we study Astrology,the psychic realm, the paranormal and all of the other metaphysical sciences.
Jupiter has also been called the great planet of hope and faith and also good fortune,it energizes us with a sense of optimism and hope providing us with the faith to go on and achieve our goals
Sometimes this planet(when negatively aspected) can create a sense of over optimism and false hope where none exists this can create  unrealistic expectations that can lead to let downs in our personal lives.

 The Planet Jupiter (Ruler of Sagittarius)
the planet Jupiter
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