The Sun describes our purpose in life, it is our goal that we must pursue in order to fulfill our mission on Earth
     One of the most important aspects in Astrology is our Sunsign,that is where the Sun was positioned at the time of our birth,in sign and house, this information can describe the basic personality type of the individual, also what assets can be found in each sign and along with the birthchart, what specific gifts and talents can be expected to be seen in the persons lifetime, the Sun influence of the sign Leo can be seen in this sign's need to be seen and noticed by others.
Just as the Sun is at the center of the solar system and shines the brightest of all the planets, so does Leo strive to stand out from the average and be the center or focus of attention.
    As the Sun transits or moves across the entire zodiac, it illuminates different areas of our life (houses)and where we should be putting our focus on, area's that we may have been neglecting.

The Sun (Ruler of Leo)
the Sun and it's influence in your life
the sunsign Leo
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