The Moon considered a planet in Astrology, influences our emotions and our feelings.
The Moon influences our emotions and our feelings in regards to how we view the world around us also in the feelings involved in our personal relationships, it's the Moon in us when we cry at a touching movie, it's the lunar side of us when we fall in love with someone,when we feel hurt or slighted, when we feel overjoyed at a party or gathering, it's the lunar influence in us when
we say we just need to be alone and keep to ourselves.
These influences can be felt with varying degrees of intensity corresponding to the different phases the Moon is in and esp. when this planet returns to the cycle it was in at the time of our birth,(a lunar transit) it is at these times when the lunar effect can be felt most profoundly, Intuitive awareness is also under Lunar control, and our psychic awareness can be said to peak during a Lunar transit of our Moon's natal position.Just as the Moon affects the oceans of our planet, the tides of our feelings are also impacted as we experience the mood fluctuations that we find ourselves in from day to day.
The Phase the Moon was in at the time of birth is revealed in the birth chart calculation,once we know this information we can then discover how the Moon's
influence can be expected to affect our personalties and to what degree..



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The Moon's influence on our emotions and behavior

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The Birth Chart is laminated and printed on high quality paper and it is Suitable for framing! The accompaning interpretation will be at least 35pages long and very detailed. It will describe the positions of the planets including the Sun and Moon as well as the major asteroids at the time of your birth, it is with this information that an astrological profile will be formulated, you will be amazed at the accuracy of the report! We will also include the sign and phase the Moon was in at the time of your birth and the impact this has on your personality and moods