the fire signs of the zodiac

  The element fire, a bold driving force that fuels our very souls and energizes us to reach out and grab what we want, it gives us the courage to act and to assert ourselves, it imparts us with curiosity to explore and invent and draw attention to our creations., Fire teaches us that their are no boundaries in this life and that the drive to create and to exceed can overcome all obstacles that may stand in our way. In the sign Aries, fire imparts assertiveness and courage to act on a given situation, outspoken and to the point,patience needs to be cultivated at times. In the sign Leo, fire activates creativity and the need for excitement into the personality, also the need to be appreciated for the work we create! Leo can sometimes exaggerate accomplishments to gain the notice they crave. In the sign Sagittarius, fire fuels exploration and the need to gain knowledge, to boldly go where no one has been before is their calling, their mission in life, Sagittarians needs to show discretion and use caution in these adventures, to look before they leap as they can sometimes be impulsive.

Astrology teaches us that we all have a certain percentage of each of the four elements within us however the fire signs have fire predominant in their personalities. 
To learn more about each of the other elements and their special roles they play in the make-up of the personality, visit our elements page, here you will find what combination of each element can result in compatibility and harmony in our relationships with each other. 

The Fire Signs, they are the explorer's, the adventurers, the thrill seekers and the creators of the zodiac
The element Fire oin Astrology
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