The Asteroids
   and thier significance in Astrology

There are thousands of asteroids betwwen the orbit of Mars and Jupiter, however we at Astrorealm focus in on the most important ones found in the birth chart and these are the first four that were classified back in the 70's, the asteroids act as transformers for the planetary energies that flow from the personal planets to the outer planets in the zodiac, they allow us to fine tune the birth chart to allow  for a much more comprehensive interpretation.

  Juno: The Wife
This asteroid portrays happiness through commitment and devotion to your loved one and also total rage if we are betrayed, it can also indicate a jealous nature on the negative end of the spectrum.

Ceres:  The Mother-

This placement indicates our possessive nature and also our ability to accept loss of a loved one, she also can indicate eating disorders of some type.

Pallas: The Daughter-
This is where we are logical and clear thinking without emotional attachments involved to cloud our judgement as in a father daughter relationship.

Vesta:  The Virgin-

This is where we keep our inner most feelings a secret, very careful not to reveal our true feelings until the right moment then an out pouring of emotion when we feel safe with someone, this witholding of passion until the right moment and with the right person is a precursor to us finding a marriage partner or a soul mate with whom to share our feelings.

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