The Air signs ,Gemini,Libra and Aquarius gifted with the powers of communication and socializing, they are masters of the exchange of ideas, they are the transmitters of the zodiac with an inborn need to exchange thoughts and ideas using the element air as a medium.... the Internet and the world wide web have amplified the impact of their element.

Sometimes calm but never stationary, always seeking to gain knowledge and share what they have learned through philosophy, teaching, and social gatherings they are masters of conversation,the can converse on a wide variety of subjects, however they sometimes may be too restless to establish themselves and get firmly planted in one field or realm of interest as their element compels them to move on to other pursuits. The element air attempts to expand its influence and fill all those around it with newly gained information and knowledge In the sign Aquarius air imparts restlessness and curiosity into the personality, it strives to be different while always seeking to change directions,  in the sign Gemini, air seeks to touch a multitude of different realms of thought, many tasks are undertaken, however some may be left undone as Gemini moves on to different ground, in the sign Libra, air seeks to socialize its presence striving for a balance of different views on any one subject always seeking to be the arbitrator in the discussion.

The element Air represents that within us that cannot be touched, yet seeks to touch others, the invisible force that acts on our lives and stimulates us to become a player in the universal pursuit of knowledge!

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The Air signs of the Zodiac,Libra, Aquarius, Gemini