I have received my chart as well as the past life reading and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am!
 I have had many horoscopes done in the past and none of them have ever measured up to the degree that yours has.  Having been a practicing astrologer in the past, I knew what my rising sign was and you are the first one that has done it correctly.  As for the information, it was extremely pertinent to my character through different stages of my life.
 The past life reading was a powerful and amazing read.  I have followed a similar path in this lifetime and was most pleased with it.
 All in all, I think you are the best out there on the internet today and by far the most accurate.  Thank you so much for providing such a good astrological profile.  I shall recommend your site to everyone that I know.
 Most sincerely,Ruth
Hello Julia,
 Just wanted to let you know I received the Birth chart report and it was Great! also the past life reading was surreal!It touched a place in my heart that I have never been to, but I knew was always there! you have a gift like no other I have tried, are you going to add transit reports in the near future?, please let me know as my mother and I will be waiting to order.
Thanks again for your insights
Peggy & Janet
Lakeland, Fla  
Hi Martin,
 My chart arrived today, just in time for my birthday! I was thrilled with the chart, and the interpretation was right on the money! I used to be a skeptic in such matters as you know by my past emails to you, now I'm hooked!, please let me know when the transit reports will be ready, also do you offer Tarot readings as well? please let me know as I have a friend that is interested in having one done.
 Much thanks to you and Julia,
Bob and Patty
Augusta, Georgia
 Dear Julia,
Thank you for your insightful guidance.I have just ordered a birth chart,and would appreciate the free charts on synastry and pastlife report. Your impressions about the ocean are very accurate,I have always been a little afraid of drowning,and felt orphaned all my life.I do have some natural psychic abilities,and the lingering thoughts of a "brother" have been with me since childhood,  past life memories,perhaps,as I grew up an only child in this incarnation. I certainly hope my new found friend has soulmate potential,it sure feels like it !  I just wish he didn't live so far away...however,he is open to travel and possible relocation  I also love astrology and have been teaching myself more about transits.Do you offer transit reports as well ?
Thank you again for your advice.I look forward to receiving my reports in the post.
 Blessings to you,
Dear Martin and Julia 
 Thank you for the free psychic reading that you sent me. It gave me chills it was so accurate. Please you have to tell me what you meant when you said that he knows the truth but is denying it . At the risk of looking very stupid, I have to know if you are telling me that he is in fact seeing someone else? Please you can't imagine the emotional stress i've been under lately. I know him well enough to know that he will never tell me the truth! Please tell me the truth. I'ts so important to me, even if it hurts! 
 Thanks so much,Debbie
Hello Julia,
Would you please look to see if I will be getting a job within the next week or so? Please reply please?
I also wanted to tell you that I am very, very pleased with my Birth Chart.  Thank you so much.
Dearest Julia,
 Hello, this is Ina again!!  Just needed to let you know we have received my friend Mia's and Mum"s birth charts.  Mia is most impressed at the accuracy of her report - shocked actually!  However, my Mother's report was not given correctly. the wrong birth date was given, I am sending the package back to you with the corrected information,   
Many Thanks Julia,
Ms. Julia, 
 I will order my chart on Friday.  I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You took away a pain I have had for awhile now. I guess I do belong with my husband (who happens to be a water sign as you described) Thank you again. Maybe someday I will bother you again , ha ha. You are fortunate to be so gifted and share that without a fee. Blessings to you and yours,
Julia...thank you so much for this!
I just wanted to let you know that you did confirm something for me...
In 97' before I ever knew who Sarah was~I woke up talking about her being my "Twin Soul"...thanks for helping me to not think it is just in my head....I have met her and spent time with her since....the energy was CRAZY and everyone noticed it...It was MAGIC!
Thanks so much for your time!!
Love and Light~
I just received my birth chart in the mail.  Wow.  Out of the 25+ pages, only about 4 lines did not apply to me!  You were bang on!  Thank you so much.
I would like to order a birth chart for my brother, for his 18th birthday
I just wanted to say. I live in the UK and I had a chart interpretation a few months ago. I was a little skeptical because I had never paid for an astrological reading.I received my reading through the post. It is the most accurate, to the point, (the physical presentation is also excellent because it is easy to add to ones personal file. Presented in a well-organized folder). I was mpressed with the reading. At one point, I felt like you guys must have had a tape recorder in a 'little corner' in my life. Coupled with the fact that my payment was secured over the internet. And I received my report at the estimated time. knowing that I live thousands of  miles away.Thank you for your excellent reading. And I am looking forward to exploring other types of astrological reading you offer in other areas.
My report was interesting. And it was right on. Though I have worked through many of the problems already it showed where I still have things to work on. And it explained to me some of the things that are bothering me at this time.
This was absolutely wonderful......
Thanks so much
Thank you so much for your report. It is so very right on target regarding me and my personality traits, vices and even physical attributes. The presentation is lovely also what with the laminated birthchart and bookmark.
I am thrilled to know I may be John's soulmate and he is tied to me
Thank you AstroRealm!!
I need that reading more than words can possibly express, not to mention the timing of finding your site, and receiving an immediate response could not have more perfect. Thank-you, thank-you!!. Your insights were wonderful I will have to ponder them a little more closely. I lost my job this June, (and my home and car.....long story, but as you can see life has been a struggle) the point is a full chart reading is out of the questions at this time, but, I would love to take advantage of your insightful readings in the future, and by the way I truly mean it. God bless you for the service you provide, it is a gracious service, and well needed, I hope you are adequately supported by your site. May the universe bless you and offer its abundant light in your direction.
Hello Julia,
Would you please look to see if I will be getting a job within the next week or so? Please reply please?
I also wanted to tell you that I am very, very pleased with my Birth Chart.  Thank you so much.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading my Birth Chart. I found it to be extremely insightful & helpful. And tons of fun reading through all the wonderful material. Thanks you very much.  I highly recommend the Birth Cart for everyone!
 Best regards, Tara
Hi, Astrorealm! I have received the chart and your interpretation of it and it is so amazingly accurate.  The past life part was very interesting and made a great deal of sense in relation to how I am in this life to different circumstances.
What I am very interested in finding out is if my employment future will pick up.  I am presently in a dead-end job and am wondering if there is anything brighter in my future along those lines?
Thanks for all you help
Hi Martin and Julia,
 Thank you so much for the free reading.....it was enlightening.  You are right, I am moving on with my life, and a Capricorn called me today as a matter of fact, but I don't have deep love feelings for him, at least not yet.
 I did order my birth chart, and look forward to it.  Perhaps it will also be helpful.  
 The free reading you all sent brought tears to my eyes, but nevertheless, I do appreciate it.
 Have a nice weekend.
Dear Julia ~
Your prediction (for the Libra) couldn't have been more correct:  My Libra roommate has definitely caused me pain and difficulty lately!  Maybe I should start buying lottery tickets - with all the crap going on for me lately, I'm expecting some kind of payoff soon! 
Thanks, Rachel

Hi Julia,
First off, thank you so much for the consultation e-mail - i am simply amazed at what you said. To say it struck a chord is an understatement!I therefore clicked the link to get the rest of the reading, but it looks like this might not be possible. As i live in the UK, sending a cheque by post all the way over to the US isn't really the best idea, but my card is a Switch card (which is a debit card) and it doesn't look like you take that - please tell me i'm wrong!!Sorry to be a hassle but your help with this will be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards,rosie*

To Julia,
Thank you for your chart interpretation which arrived some time ago and has been read many times - the descriptions have been categorized underappropriate headings for further analysis. A different person stands before me - not a stranger - like unto an unborn adult. Many references are readily acknowledged, and many seem to be lying at the bottom of a deep pool, unseen but felt.The underlined sections of the reading alert me to their importance - writing, poetry, puzzles and crosswords are things I do a lot of.The reading has far exceeded my expectations - mind-stirring material which will occupy me for a long time.
 Let come what may!

Hi everyone
 I had my horoscope reading sent to me in Australia a little while ago and received it exactly when I was told that it would arrive. I was really looking forward to it and when i read it could'nt believe how acurate it was in describing me. I have a question though. In my horoscope it advised that I would have short term relationship with a Scorpio and that a Libra would steal my hart away from the Scorpio. Do you know when this my be. I know its probably hard to put a date on it, but will this be happening in the near future, like the next 12 months.I am currently corresponding with a Gemni and he seems really what i'm looking for, can you see any future for us.
 Thank you for your prompt service and I am recommending this site to all my friends.

I just wanted to thank you for the reports you did for me as well as the free gifts. I was amazed at the accuracy and detail you went into. I am also very grateful for the past life bonus. It gave me hope.
Sincerely  Mary K,

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A friend of mine Martin DeAnnuntis has this site, I could not believe the full chart and breakdown of my chart that was done/ Much was dead on/ some things I have worked through already and others I choose to leave alone! Check it out...
Rona P
Tobyhann PA

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Thank you so much, Julia. I am amazed at your reading! I am definitely going to look to order more reports from you :)
You are right about the pisces. His appearance in my life is a actually part of the reason why I am considering ending my current relationship.
My current boyfriend is also a Gemini like me, his birthday also is June 13, but in 1986. Same day but two years younger than me. He was born in Baltimore, MD.
Thank you so much again for sharing your gift of sight with me. You have a great talent!