You are about to enter into a committed relationship, yet do you really know your mate? the likes and dislikes, small elements of his or her personality that may not be evident for quite some time, and may bring about disappointments and unhappiness down the road, Astrology is especially helpful in this area, using the individuals natal profile and comparing it with yours can pin point areas that will be in harmony or ones that may cause conflict and disagreement in the future.....

Certain elements of the personality are inherent in the individual Sun sign such as Aries can be expected to be out spoken and abrupt when dealing with others at times even insensitive, to a Pisces this behavior can be disconcerting, even rude, however other planetary influences also play a major role in behavior and feelings for instance Lunar placement impacts a persons feelings and emotions, for example, Your Moon is in Pisces this would indicate a dreamy romantic surreal atomosphere would be highly stimulating for you, his Moon is in Capricorn, a practical to the point, no- nonsense approach to romance can be expected , you question to him is wheres the romance? Each of the planets and their placement in the chart impacts the individual personalty and feelings on matters, Capricorn is prudent, sensible and consertive in the financial arena, Aries are dynamic risk takers at times impulsive, this can be a major source of difficulty when dealing with financial matters!
 A Natal compatibly report can be an extremely useful tool before committing to a long term relationship ,

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This report will compare your chart with that of your loved one and will list areas of compatability and or conflict or difficulty within both charts, the interpretation will be at least 30 pages long and very detailed you'll be amazed at it's accuarcy, if for any reason you are not pleased with it We will gladly refund your money click the Synastry icon below to order
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Astrorealm's astrological compatibility report helps you compare two charts by 1) identifying each partner's emotional needs by describing their Descendant (7th house cusp), Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; and 2) examining the way their two charts interact. After describing what each partner needs in their love life, the report assesses their interaction by describing the significant aspects between their charts. These aspects identify areas of attraction, harmony, and conflict. The "Strength" noted for each aspect shows its degree of influence on the relationship. The Strength combines the aspect's closeness of exactitude with its positive or negative value for compatibility purposes. The higher the Strength is, the more strongly the aspect is likely to be felt and acted out in the relationship.Below we've listed only a few of the most important aspects comparisons in the two charts..the full report is 32 pages long and very detailed.

Planets in Signs

Prince Charles' Aquarius Descendant

Because of your strong ego and solid self-image, you will attract many partners. Your lovers will be unique and often unusual people, and each will share with you a different perspective on life. Usually, they have backgrounds that are very different from yours, such as race, religion or cultural upbringing.

While a committed relationship is necessary for you to feel truly stable, you may have difficulty maintaining anything long-term because of your strong need for personal freedom. Any partner who tries to restrict or control you is likely to lose you. You require a mate who is as independent as you are and who is willing to be less demanding and more supportive of your own individual pursuits.


Dianna (Princess)'s Gemini Descendant

In love relationships you prefer a partner who is intellectually stimulating and exciting to converse with. They must also be adaptable, inquisitive and somewhat dualistic in personality. You may often choose young partners or at least those who maintain a

youthful demeanor into their adult life. Instead of planning your romantic encounters, you prefer to be more spontaneous and just follow the mood.

Prince Charles' Sun in Scorpio

Life is an intense experience for you, and you need to express your passion in all that you do. You go for either all or nothing in your relationships (nothing in between) and won't hesitate to let your partner know this. You can be very persuasive and seductive, and you should resist the temptation to use sex to get your way. But your deepest wish is for a long-term commitment, and you can be just as intensely loving and loyal as you are jealous and possessive.

Dianna (Princess)'s Sun in Cancer

You are very much like the crab in your relationships-- soft on the inside and hard on the outside. Only those close to you know how vulnerable you truly are. You are very private about your love life, and you don't appreciate others prying into your personal affairs or spreading gossip about you.

As a lover, you tend to lavish your partner with love and affection. You are generous to a fault, and you can engulf your lover with your all-consuming love. For this reason, you would do better with a partner who is not overly independent, or else they may see your constant attentiveness as clinging. You would do best with a partner who enjoys staring into your eyes for hours, and who wants to not only love you, but to merge souls with you.

Prince Charles' Moon in Taurus

The best relationship for you is one that is stable, secure and simple. You are honest with your partner and expect the same in return. You take the issue of commitment quite seriously and would not be happy for long with a partner who left you feeling insecure. It is important that you know you can rely on them.

You are a Rock of Gibraltar to your lover and always have a willing ear for their problems and a shoulder to cry on. You are patient and do not anger easily, although you kick up a great deal of steam when you do. Be sure to air any resentments immediately instead of letting them build up.

Dianna (Princess)'s Moon in Aquarius

It is important to you that any love relationship you form be one of equality. You are not inclined to go along with what your partner desires for that reason only but will insist that your needs be considered as well. You are highly creative and responsive sexually, and for this reason you are a desirable sexual partner.

It is best if your mate provides a challenge for you rather than settling for a stagnant and unchanging relationship. You appreciate intellectuality in your mate and value communication highly. You tend to filter your sexual nature through your mind instead of allowing your instincts to guide you. Your best relationships will be those which you allow to develop slowly over time.

Prince Charles' Mercury in Scorpio

You take sex very seriously and find it to be a very deep, intense experience. Since you have a special appreciation for having all of the physical pieces fit together in harmony, you tend to get the most you can out of sex. You are intensely passionate and have powerful sexual fantasies. It's much healthier to find a willing lover to playfully act out these fantasies than to try and repress them, which would result in tremendous frustration.

Your thoughts are very deep, but you will share them only with your closest friends. You are secretive about your life, even when there is really nothing to hide. To others you appear very mysterious. You have a powerful, passionate sex drive and should resist any temptation to use your hypnotic powers on others as a means of control and manipulation.

 Astrological Chart Comparisons of Prince Charles and Princess Dianna

Both are Water signs of the Zodiac

Both share Past lives together (South Node of the Moon in the 3rd Houses)

Prince Charles

Princess Dianna

The Art of Astrological Compatibility