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Each of us are born with unique talents and abilities and when we choose a career that allows us to utilize these gifts to the fullest potential Our chances for success will be greatly increased
At Astrorealm we can plot your personality and potential and then offer career choices that would allow you to take advantage of the gifts you were born with.

First of all, realize that there are no limits as to what you can achieve,and there are no boundaries, it is only a matter of how determined you are and where in life you want to be 10 or 20 years from now. Most of us are stuck in jobs that are unfulfilling merely out of necessity, these jobs don;t allow us to utilize our talents nor do they allow us to grow and really produce what we are capable of, therefore effectively stifling our success in life, and by success I don't mean a pay raise! I am talking about rising to the top and beyond in our chosen field!

The first step in achieving this level of success requires us to match our personalities and abilities to our work environment,let's look at some of the skills and abilities that the planets show us to possess

  These are just some of the categories that are suited to the signs of the zodiac, but we must also look at the entire birth   horoscope and especially planets that fall in the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses
 The 2nd house shows our attitude towards our finances and possessions
 The 6th house shows our attitude and skills and our every day routine work habits
 The 10th house indicates our career calling, where we would excel and reach our fullest potential

At Astrorealm can help you achieve this goal by providing you with an in-depth  analysis and interpretation that would indicate according to your astrological profile the career choices that are best suited to you, This information will be included as part of your chart interpretation the report is at least 32 pages long and very detailed not the ordinary computer generated version found all over the net, I will also interpret your past life profile free of charge! the report is only $24.99 and well worth the cost given the information it will provide, read our testimonials from some of our clients....

Your Chart awaits You!
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 Law enforcement and the Military:                Aries and the planet Mars and Scorpio and the planet Pluto
 Accounting and organizing:                         Capricorn and the planet Saturn
Mechanical abilities;                                   Aquarius and the planet Uranus
 Social skills;                                             Virgo and the planet Mercury also Libra and the planet Venus      
Banking and finance:                                  Taurus and the planet Venus
Communication and the media:                   Gemini and the planet Mercury
Acting and arts:                                          Leo and the the sun Care giving and counseling:                                                Cancer and the Moon also Pisces and the planet Neptune
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