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  As a Scorpio, your ruling planet Pluto injects abundant, passion, and sexual energy to your persona.  This energy should be channeled to other outlets as well, sports, work, ect.  Scorpio is highly intuitive with a Magnetic personality, able to easily draw others into theirShroud of influence.  They are forceful and can be extremely jealous and they will work diligently to obtain the object of their desire.Scorpio has the ability to perceive the signals sent out by others and at the same time they are able to alter the outcome of a situation by injecting their own subtle patterns of thought, see our Psychic zone page for more information on this ability inherent in the water signs.
        Scorpio has the ability for intense thought and concentration and when presented a problem they will almost always find a solution. This mental ability is used to find alternatives where none seem to exist! Scorpio must be cautious however for there is a tendency for obsessiveness.  Scorpio'selement element water contributes to Scorpio's ability to change form and adapt just as water changes its shape and adapts easily to any shape vessel it's put into.                              

Careers that  involve finding hidden secrets such as detectives, researchers, journalists, investigators, under cover work as well as astrologers, physics, also chemists (chemistry deals with changing chemical forms),chemical engineering and genetic engineering. For a more detailed look at what Astrology can offer in the realm of your vocations, see our  Success page

Scorpio needs a patient, sympathetic partner, one that's willing to adjust and adapt to an alternating state of mind.These can be found in the fellow water signs (Cancer and Pisces).  As their sensitive, intuitive natures can harmonize with and nurture Scorpio's path towards renewal. For more information on what Astrology can offer you in your relationships to others, see our Synastry page, and remember Astrology can reveal many details about an individuals personality that may remain hidden for a long time, you owe it to yourself to learn more regarding the sometimes elusive nature of this sign

The sign Scorpio relates to the genital  and reproductive and areas of the body.  These can present problems at some point in life should imbalance or stress be present.

" I Transform"



Health Concerns

the element Water
the element Water

Weekly Horoscope
10/20/2014 - 10/26/2014
Scorpio, theres an issue that may surface this week regarding your health and it will require you to change your lifestyle for the better as your ruling planet Pluto may impact your 6th house of health and routine daily habits, This planet almost always seeks a tearing down of the old and a rebirth of the new, although this change may at first appear drastic in the end it will benefit your health and well being!

Consider exploring the power of your 7 major Chakra centers in the body and ensuring they are balanced, we carry a complete kit with every thing you need to get started, it's not expensive and well worth the cost for the benefit it could provide in your life , click the Chakra icon below to learn more about this amazing technique! 

the birth sign Scorpio
the birth sign Scorpio
the planet Pluto
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