stimulating your psychic awareness
stimulating your psychic awareness

 First off let me say that all psychic awareness operates on the subconscious level, there is no conscience effort on our part that will magically bring on a psychic moment, our conscience mind cannot understand let alone summon this ability within us, we can only observe and take in images of events that may occur at a given time period.  To illustrate my point, I was once hypnotized in front of at least 75 people in an audience during a training seminar on management techniques and the power of the mind,I was very skeptical to say the least as the speaker called me up to the platform and stated that he will put me in a trance and when I awaken from this I would not remember the events that took place,I agreed to be hypnotized, he began by asking me a few questions regarding my place of birth and current address then quickly switched his questions to one's that were totally unrelated to the previous questions that he asked, then abruptly back again to the original questions, I later learned that this was a technique to throw my mind off guard while ahe implants the subliminal suggestion, before I knew what was happening I found myself staring straight into the audience with my eyes open, unable to hear them or to even see them!, I only heard his words to me that I should awaken on his count of ten feeling refreshed and will not remember any event which may have happened, I remember hearing him count and when he reached ten I immediately awoken to a startled, laughing audience!, This event was taped and when he replayed the taped session,I saw that he had invited 3 members of the audience to come up to me and attempt to awaken me, I saw them pulling my ears back and forth, pinching me extremely hard on my right arm, bending my fingers back quite forcibly. yelling into my ears, then even pulling my hair!, I did not remember any of it nor feel any of it! had he not allowed me to see the tape I would not have believed it, I site this example to point out that the subconscious mind operates on it's own set of rules, quite active when we are in deep sleep, our dream state, however I have found that premonitions that I have had of future events that have not yet happened can be associated with and linked to objects that directly precede the psychic moment and that the objects, in my case a street sign, may spark or trigger psychic awareness through the subconscious, think about how certain smells or pictures can sometimes make you hungry or even salivate, this reaction is automatic, this is our subconscious mind being stimulated to react or respond to a conscience stimulus.Think about how memories can bring about happiness or sadness and effect our emotions.

The next time that you experience a psychic moment focus in on what you visualized directly preceding the premonition and store this as a trigger for the next time, before you begin you must clear your mind of all thoughts and leave it as a blank white canvas, as you glance at your personal trigger object quickly look away and observe what is presented on your canvas remember there can be no interaction by your conscience mind, no wondering about or attempting to answer questions, it does not work this way, the premonitions that you will have may be based on what you have been worrying about that day or they may be totally unrelated to that days events, with time and practice this should become easier to master, the most difficult part is learning to clear your mind of all conscience events and thoughts and just becoming an observer, your most intuitive moments are somehow influenced by lunar positions, especially when the Moon returns into the sign it was in at the time of your birth, this is when your mind is the most sensitive, I highly recommend having
your chart done if you are seriously interested in honing your skills in this most fascinating subject, along with your chart and interpretation I will include the Lunar phases and position for the entire year and highlight the period of natal lunar placement as well so you will be well prepared to begin your journey into psychic awareness training!I also reccommend crystal healing and balancing your 7 major Chakra centers in the body in particular the 6th Chakra (your intution and perception) which can be enhanced through the crystal Amethyst and our focused healing technique, click on the pic below to learn more about this fascinating therapy!

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