Are You a C.S.P?

   Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces?

If so your element water has gifted you with psychic awareness!

Picture a calm, serene body of water, a pond (if you will) even the tiniest of pebbles dropped in and the surface vibrates with circular ripples, spreading outward then merging inward and absorbed within itself.

Your astrological element water imparts this same sensitivity into your subconcience mind giving you the ability to detect the feelings of others around you. these feeling or emotions generated in others are electrochemical signals emanating as brainwave patterns that you are able to feel as they touch and vibrate your surface.

The key however is that your surface tension must be calm and serene in order to perceive these signals.This level of awareness requires harmony and balance in your conscience mind, your surface tension must be calm and unbroken by random thoughts and stress. The problem is that with the myriad of events going on in an average day, your surface is bombarded with random thoughts, worries and events that obscure your focus, even though your perception is still there, focusing in on a single ripple amidst a sea of choppy water is a difficult task to say the least!

I've found that the ideal time to focus your perception is in the morning upon awakening after a sound sleep, before the events of the day cloud your thoughts, it is at this time in the day that your awareness is heightened.

 The science of Astrology can help you in developing your keen abilities by showing at what times your awareness is at's it's best and when you are most the most receptive and intuitive. Astrology deals with planetary energies and how they influence our lives, the positions of these planets in relation to their natal positions when we were born can help us achieve our goals by allowing us to see the ideal times in which to act on a given situation. As the planets transit or move over the natal positions, certain energies are then activated by way of the angles they form or aspects to one another

.Moon transits for instance can signal times of increased awareness or intuition,   The moon governs our feelings,emotions and intuitive awareness  and when she transits over our natal planets our instincts are sharpened and we are better able to focus our minds.The first step in developing our psychic abilities is having your birthchart done.

Visit our  birth chart page   to learn more about this report and what it can offer you and let's begin this exciting journey into psychic development! 

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