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  As a Pisces your imagination is your essence, it courses through your being striving to seek out unity with the universe, just as a raindrop falls into the sea and merges into it so does Pisces seek to merge into a universal collective so to speak, they will utilize poetry and art as vehicles to solidify this dream quest. 
      Pisces operates on two opposing planes of thought and they will choose the one that's most comfortable to them , even if it means denying the facts of a given situation, "lest their dreams be dashed", hence the glyph of two fish swimming in opposite directions. 
      Pisces are extremely caring and nurturing individuals, putting others cares and needs often before their own.  They have a highly developed sensitivity inherited from the planet Neptune (ancient god of the sea), if properly channeled this can serve them well in the realm of physic endeavors. see our Psychic zone page for more information regarding this ability inherent in the water signs..

Good vocations for Pisces are any that deal with the arts also religious workers, nuns, clairvoyants, mediums, physicians, nurses, hospital workers.  Also any dealing with water such as swimmers, life guards, and oceanographers For more information on what Astrology can offer in the realm of your career choices see our Success page

Good connections can be found in the water signs of Cancer and Scorpio, these signs have the same basic needs and desires.  Also the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn can bring Pisces back down to reality form their sometimes dreamy state of mind. For a more detailed look at what astrology can offer in the realm of your relationships see our Synastry page, Astrology can reveal many details about the personality of an individual that may otherwise remain hidden for quite some time, you owe it to yourself to learn all you can before committing to any long term relationship 

The sign Pisces relates to the feet and body fluid areas. These can present problems at some point in life should imbalance or stress be present, Pisces should seek out their element water in their leisure activities, swimming, rafting, boating, and ice skating are all excellent outlets with which to pursue.                              

For a complete,detailed and personalized analysis of your astrological profile, please visit ourBirth Chart Birth Chart page, here you will find what a birth chart analysis can offer you in terms of understanding  who you are and what you can become!     
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 Weekly Horoscope
10/20/2014 -10/26/2014
Pisces, The  week starts out with disheartening news from a close friend regarding a health issue, try to offer comforting advice in this matter, also expect a sense of confusion to surround you in your career  especially Thurs or Friday as the planet Neptune will affect your ability to differentiate between facts and fiction on an issue that may involve yourself...

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the planet Neptune
the element Water
the birth sign Pisces
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