Planetary energies and their movements and positions and how these affect us  here on Earth define the science of Astrology...

Each planet of the zodiac defines a particular energy and subsequent influence on our personalities and our lives at a given point. From the time of our birth, each sign we were born under has a ruling planet that exemplifies and has a major influence on our personalities , as these planets move over or transit their natal positions in our chart they activate certain energies that can at times, be only subtle inclinations and at other times they can impact us on a more profound level,these cycles range from just 28 days for the Moon to over 240 years for distant Pluto.

These motivations and influences can contribute to the circumstances that we find ourselves in from time to time, by understanding each planets particular influence we can better gauge how it will impact our personalities and the events in our lives.

Click on the birth sign icons below to find your ruling planet and a description of the energy it contributes  in your birth chart!


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