Have you ever felt that you've known someone before but you just can't place where and how you know him or her? Have you ever been to a place, and it seems very familiar to you but you know you have never been there, or have you? Do you have fears in your life that can't be linked to anything you have experienced in this lifetime?  The person who seems so familiar could be your kindred spirit or soulmate and the places that seem familiar to you could have been visited by you in another lifetime, the fears you have could have their roots in a traumatic experience in a past life.

 The planet Saturn(ruler of time and of lessons learned in life)
 The North and South nodes of the Moon(our karmic past and future paths)
 The 4th ,8th and 12 house of the zodiac and planets in them
 Talents and gifts brought over from the past, indicated by a stellium (three or more   planets in the same house)
With the help of a psychic astrologer and your birthchart, we can help reveal past life connections to an individual as well as your past life event!

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your past life discovered by astrology
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