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  The Part of fortune, a focal point in space resulting from the focusing of the energies of  the Sun and the Moon through your ascendant or rising sign (the sign that was rising over the Eastern sky at the time of your birth) The Ascendant is your outward personality
  The Part of Fortune indicates how and where in life we can achieve the most happiness,success and rewards or good fortune, some might say this is an area of good luck. The sign that the Part of Fortune resides in indicates how or which attitudes can convey this expression and the house position indicates in what area's of life our fortune lies or can best be realized.Astrorealm will calculate your Part of Fortune and interpretation and include this in the natal report

your area of good fortune and luck in the birthchart
Path you seek, it's been foretold 
It's written in the Skies
For in the Sun, The Moon and Stars
Your Part of Fortune lies.....
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