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President Barrack Obama's Natal Chart as calculated by Astrorealm Astrology

The Part of Fortune

M.C. Midheaven

Neptune in Scorpio

Pluto in Virgo

Sun in Leo

Moon in Gemini

Chiron in Pisces the president's biggest challenge!

Moon's South Node in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius

Saturn in Capricorn

Scorpio Midheaven
The President Has Scorpio on the cusp of his 10th house of life vocations and long term career goals, with this placement

The president does well in a career which involves his ability to feel out and involve others in a collaborative venture.He is emotionally intuitive, both about potential partners and about the direction of society as a whole, so that he can speak what people are feeling. He may have gone through deep transformations connected to traumatic events. He is comfortable reaching down into the depths of any subject and so make a good researcher or investigator. He is happiest in his occupation as President of the United States which allows him to explore and produce constructive results. his strength may involve him in a power struggle with authorities until he can achieve a compromise. his commitment is such that he may make a dangerous enemy. Some people with this placement are so inflexible that they stay with a job that they hate.
Power and control will be issues in his life. He has the ability to coordinate the efforts of others in teamwork, handling power tactfully and with concern for the rights of others. Work with others for transformation and improvement, as opposed to maintenance of the status quo, and he will enjoy great success. Selfishness, ruthlessness, and overkill are the negative possibilities of this placement.  He must try to spread both the effort and the benefits to others.
Occupations consistent with his intense style of work include investigator, researcher, critic, engineer, programmer, mechanic, contractor, dramatic writer or poet, sex therapist, tailor, musician, entrepreneur, government or large company worker, surgeon, chemist, pharmacist, detective, psychologist, mortician, insurance actuary, artist, or the military.

                                                                                          Jupiter in Aquarius

With this placement the president is highly intuitive and tolerant of the differences in others , He can work well within groups and he is not afraid to initiate new ideas that are apart from the norm, he is not afraid to attempt to change or alter past practices even if it means subjecting himself to conflicts and non conformity amongst his peers.

Part of Fortune in the Tenth House
The Part of Fortune in your chart describes where you will achieve your greatest happinsess and success in this lifetime, and in the president's 10th house of career vocations this has surely been the case!, he has achieved monumental success throughout his life in politics, culminating in being elected to the nations highest office!

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

The President is highly idealistic, and his expectations can sometimes be unrealistic. For this reason, it is important to think things through before acting. With his deep love for humanity,he has a strong desire to help others who are less fortunate than himself. He does not seek glory for his compassionate acts, but rather is content to work behind the scenes. He will receive much help from his guides .

Neptune in the Ninth House

He is idealistic and highly intuitive. He is interested in philosophical, spiritual and mystical studies. With your strong sense of compassion, you are kind to all living things. He will long to travel and is fascinated by foreign lands and cultures. The president must avoid a tendency to become fanatical about his beliefs, for this could impair his good judgment.He should avoid a tendency to exaggerate.

Mercury sextile Moon (Strength: 4.85)

This aspect indicates cooperation between His intellect and his emotions; they are rarely in conflict. He is sensitive and thoughtful of others, and is willing to make compromises in his relationships. In  relationships with others he constantly wants to be helpful.

The president drinks in information at an amazing rate and has a very well developed memory. His delicate balance of mind and emotions allows Him to deal with problems he encounters without acting rashly or becoming panicky. He has a strong sense of curiosity and will go to great lengths to satisfy it. Because he is well read, he is wonderful to converse with and can delicately mix humor and charm with intellectual content to delight your audience.
Since he is so extremely sensitive, he can see through false pretenses and recognize insincerity. Through it all he can maintain a cheerful disposition which tends to infect those around you. He is drawn to others who are intelligent, educated, optimistic and ambitious. In  relationships he seeks open communication and enjoy planning a future with his mate.

In terms of a career, the president  does well in any field requiring good communication skills, such as: public relations, public speaking, diplomacy and writing. he has a talent for making others feel at ease with his genuine interest in them. he is tactful and sincere, and even his competitors will respect that!

                                                                                                    Sun in Leo

The catch word for Leo is "ego." This sign is well known for its self-confidence, pride, creativity and ability to lead. The president must be careful that this combination does not add up to a domineering personality. He must remember that others also need a chance to shine. Share the center of the stage with others and it will be much more enjoyable for Him as well. The president seeks admiration from friends and family and in his case, the nation as well! He truly feels he let many down with the failed roll out of his health care plan and he will strive to fix it before he leaves office.His Sun placement will motivate him to make changes and correct flaws that exist in his plan..

                                                                                          Aquarius Ascendant

The president is a person who looks to the future, and his perspective are usually long-range. It is easy for him to understand new concepts and ideas, and he can be quite objective even when looking at himself. He is proud of the fact that he is not like everyone else,

The Ascendant and First House describe the character of your private self.

The Moon in Gemini

The president is highly imaginative and can channel this talent into creative work. It is necessary that he maintain a steady rate of mental activity in order to avoid intellectual boredom. This Moon placement favors education, and he would be both a good teacher and lecturer, he is able to convey to his listeners what he is trying to relate and they listen intently.

Chiron in Pisces in the First House
With this placement the asteroid Chiron (where we feel hurt and helpless) sits in the president's first house (house of self and self image) the president feels vulnerable and there is a part of him that feels he is not good enough, that others see him as inadequate, this feeling must be overcome in order for him to move forward, he should realize that he is very admired and looked up to and that he is an excellent role model for future generations looking to seek the presidency, he has inspired many to follow him..This obstacle in his chart can and must be overcome in this lifetime as it has been with him in past lives and been carried over into this life event,

The President's biggest roadblock in this lifetime!

We have put together a short synopsis of the president's natal profile and interpretation, there is much more in his chart yet we tried to list the most important key aspects to demonstrate the power of astrology..

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