The Moon takes 28days to circle the zodiac and it passes thru each sign every 2 and one half days                
The moon is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac and it's influence can be felt on our emotions and feelings and our ability to make sound judgements based on our instincts,her 4 cycles or phases coorespond to the natural growth cycle of all living things.

The 1st quarter or New moon
 relates to new beginnings
  A time to begin new projects or ventures

The 2nd quarter;
 A time to develope and work on a project this is a time to fine tune our efforts and make changes that may be appropriate

The 3rd quarter or full Moon;
A time to reap our rewards for the fruits of our labor
 a time to harvest what we worked on all season

The fourth quarter
This is a time to reflect on our accomplishments and then purge our minds to begin planning for the new

beginnings again! a time to learn from our mistakes make adjustments accordingly

Since the moon governs our basic emotional make-up, we can guage her influence on us by looking at the sign she was in at the time of our birth
The birth chart can give us this information;
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  The Lunar Infuence on our feelings and emotions
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The Moon's influence on our emotions
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the cycles of the Moon
the four cycles of the Moon
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