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As a Libran,Cooperation and Harmony in life is paramount and Librans will go to great lengths to achieve this equilibrium.  Librans are good listeners and friendly.  Almost always in agreement with both sides in a heated debate.  They are constantly cautious to not offend lest disharmony should result.  This neutral balancing act can bring and maintain peace however, in achieving this goal Libra's true feelings on an issue may be obscured and loneliness can result.
      The element air  injects contemplation and ideas into the personality and makes for a lively mind.  Although their ideas may not always surface for fear of rejection or rebuttal.  Librans should be encouraged to be open and voice their true opinions from time to time with those that they trust.  The ruling planet Venus projects a love of art and beauty into the sign, however it also injects vanity which may become a problem from time to time as a sense of inflated pride of oneself can sneak in. 

Good careers for Librans include labor mediators, family and marriage counselors, arbitrators, judges, lawyers, and managers. Also occupations dealing with beauty and art such as artists, photographers, fashion designers, and hair dressers. For a more detailed look at what Astrology can offer in the realm of your career choices see our Success page.    

  Good connections can be found in thefire signs fire signs of Sagittarius, Leo, Aries. The element fire adds needed assertiveness to Libra's hidden quiet nature. Also good soul mates can be found in the water signs of Cancer and Pisces.  Their sensitivity and nurturing nature can harmonize with the Libran personality.For more information on what Astrology can offer as to your relationships,. see our Synastry page and remember Astrology can reveal many details regarding the personality that may otherwise remain hidden for quite some time, you owe it to yourself to learn all you can before committing to any long term relationship, it could save alot of pain and grief down the road.

The sign Libra relates to the small of the back and kidneys. These areas can prevent problems from time to time should stress or disharmony be present.  meditation can bring needed tranquility from problems in life.

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the element air in astrology
THe birth sign Libra
THe birth sign Libra

Weekly Horoscope
10/20/2014 - 10/26/2014
Libra,... expect your scales to be a bit one sided this week as Pluto may impact your solar 12th house of inner secrets this week, this effect may bring about a change in lifestyle that may be at first upsetting and drastic however in the long run it will benefit your well being, this issue you have kept to yourself for too long and this week it may surface to be dealt with directly!

consider exploring the power of your 7 major Chakra centers in the body and ensuring they are balanced, we carry a complete kit with every thing you need to get started, it's not expensive and well worth the cost for the benefit it could provide in your life , click the Chakra icon below to learn more about this amazing technique! 

The Planet Venus Ruler of Libra
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