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The birth sign Leo
The birth sign Leo

  As a Leo your need to create and express yourself and be appreciated by others is your ultimate goal in life, combined with the suns fiery motivations, this makes you the most creative sign in the zodiac.  You are not afraid to take risks in life and receive recognition for it.  This driving force and need in your life can accomplish what others can only dream of.  Leo's striving to be noticed and appreciated can sometimes lead to boasting and or exaggerating events or accomplishments. To be Leo is to create and portray!         

   Good occupations for Leo include actors, painters, amusement park workers or owner, and any job in the performing arts.  Also Web site designer (remember being seen by others), firemen, policemen, and EMS worker ( remember risk taker!) See our Success page for more information on what Astrology can offer you in your decision!                    

Good connections can be found in the water signs(Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio).  These signs can bring sensitivity and compassion to your driving  force at the same time the air signs of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius with their ideas and  originality can only serve to fuel your creative spirit.   Leo's are colorful and exciting partners.  They also have a strong sense of loyalty and they are hurt deeply (more than most), should they be the victim of infidelity.  Leo's impart strength and pride in a relationship.See our Synastry page for more detailed information on what Astrology can offer you in this realm!

     The sign Leo relates to the heart and upper back of the body. These could present problems at some point in life should imbalance or stress be present. Jogging and hiking  and mountain climbing  all serves an outlet for leo's firery energy.

For a complete,detailed and personalized analysis of your astrological profile, please visit our Birth Chart page, here you will find what a birth chart analysis can offer you in terms of understanding  who you are and what you can become!  

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