The Houses of the Zodiac
          There are 12 houses in the zodiac and each house defines an area of our Lives..

The First house;  
Ruled by the sign Aries, describes our personality,how we appear to others, how we come across in our interaction with the world around us, and it is home of our rising sign or ascendant..

The Second house ;
Ruled by the sign Taurus, describes our possessions, our finances, traditionally the house of Money.

The Third House;  
  Ruled by the sign Gemini, describes our siblings, early childhood,our school life,communication,learning and intelligence .

The Fourth House ;
Ruled by the sign Cancer, describes our home life,our Mother,domestic issues, our emotions and feelings and our intuition and psychic awareness..

The Fifth house;  
Ruled by the sign Leo, describes our children, entertainment including love affairs, traditionally the house of games also describes gambling, hobbies and creativity....

The Seventh House ;
Ruled by the sign Libra,describes long term commitments in our lives including contractual dealings and our relationships, our love life traditionally the house of marriage and the house of love...

The Eighth House;
Ruled by the sign Scorpio, describes our sensual nature, sexuality, inheritances and transformations in our lives,traditionally the house of death however now we view this area as transforming and renewal...also psychic awareness and intuition...

The Ninth House ;
Ruled by the sign Sagittarius, describes long distance affairs including travel, higher education, philosophy and spiritual enlightenment.

The Tenth House;
Ruled by the sign Capricorn, the Midheaven, our career ,specifically our calling in this lifetime,, it is in this house our greatest success can be realized by following our unique talents and abilities..also it symbolizes the father figure...

The Eleventh house;
Ruled by the signAquarius, describes our social interactions ,traditionally the house of friends also it describes our inventiveness, our uniqueness and also our rebellious nature,

The Twelfth House;
Ruled by the sign Pisces,descibes our inner self. Our subconcience thoughts and desires, traditionally the house of secrets, it’s the part of us that we hold deep inside also psychic abilities and intuition also it may describe our enemies..

The Sixth House; 
   Ruled by the sign Virgo, describes our general health ,exercise also routine work habits including pet care and daily activities.

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