Will Hillary be our next President?

   Mars conjunct Pluto (Strength: 5.41)

You will relentlessly pursue your goals in life, determined to achieve satisfaction. Not only is it important that you acquire power and status, but you also see the climb to the top as a personal challenge to your abilities.

You are impatient with social problems and injustices and may even work for reform in these areas. As a matter of fact, this would be the healthiest way to express your need for transformation. You could inspire others with your drive and would be very creative in finding sources of funding for worthy projects.

   Midheaven trine Sun (Strength: 4.70)

You are highly ambitious and are willing to work hard to reach the lofty goals you set for yourself. Your parents and other early role models instilled you with a strong moral code and work ethic, and these qualities inspire trust and confidence in your peers. Because you are willing to cooperate and compromise with others, your associates enjoy working with you, and this makes you a good supervisor, manager or administrator.

Success may seem to come easily to you, although your achievements are actually the product of hard work and careful planning. With your high levels of self-confidence and

As you climb the ladder of success, you'll remember those who've assisted you, giving credit where it's due. You understand that honoring others contributes to your success rather than hindering it.

Jupiter trine Moon (Strength: 5.58)

In a career you can be very creative and imaginative, and you would do well in such fields as public relations, civic affairs, social work or physical therapy. You would do well in any position which requires you to travel a great deal or to solve problems for others. You know how to set priorities and get things done. You are well informed on a variety of subjects and are a stimulating conversationalist.

Part of Fortune in the 5th House (in her own sign Scorpio)
This placement indicates that Hillary's greatest success in this lifetime will be related upon her own efforts and that these efforts (her running for election) will succeed and bring her great power and success.

Moon square Uranus (Strength: 4.43)

You can be very impulsive emotionally. Your temper is easily sparked, and you can explode at those you love most. You must learn to control your temper, and face the fact that you cannot always have things your way. You may appear emotionally erratic to others.

Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio is the most intensely emotional of all signs, but you rarely see any outward evidence of the smoldering volcano within them. They are masters at self-control and can usually maintain a cool exterior; but when the volcano finally blows its top, the explosion is quite violent. Scorpios are well known for carrying grudges for generations and for planning revenge for wrongs done against them by others. Yet they are also famous for their psychic abilities and healing talents. They also have a reputation for being possessive, jealous and suspicious in their relationships.

Despite their calm exterior, Scorpios are very sensitive emotionally and are easily hurt. But rather than running away to hide, Scorpions are likely to strike back when attacked. They have such a tremendous depth of feeling that it often scares them. If you look into a Scorpio's eyes, you can see the intensity in their gaze--it seems as though they can see into your very soul. And they are likely to tell you what they see, whether you ask their opinion or not.

Natives of this sign have a profound appreciation for deep, hidden secrets. And their own private lives are also kept secret from the general public. Others often consider them to be loners, but in reality they are just discriminate about who they admit to their inner circle. When they love someone, they throw themselves into it completely. Ditto when they hate someone, and there is rarely a gray area in between for Scorpio.

Sun in the Fifth House

Being a leader comes naturally to you, and others are inspired by your high level of confidence and vitality. You are a natural teacher and can inspire your students with your example. As a friend or lover you are extremely devoted, and you are warm and affectionate with loved ones.

We predict that Hillary based on her chart Data and looking into her 2016 transit report for the month of November and the placement of her Part of Fortune, she will win the election . While the election has passed and Donald Trump has won the electoral college votes, Hillary has won the popular vote by a substancial margin It can be said that while her chart indicated a win in her favor it did not take into account the electoral college in our election process

We have put together a short synopsis of Hillary Clinton's natal profile and interpretation, there is much more in Her chart yet we tried to list the most important key aspects to demonstrate the power of astrology..
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