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Gemini resides in the third house of the zodiac. The ruling planet Mercury influences the mind and imparts an aptitude for learning and communication. As a Gemini, you have a need to communicate and learn from others.  You are a vessel seeking to fill itself with knowledge and impart this upon others.  Your keen mind is highly suitable to multiple processing  or multi-tasking (if you will).  Sometimes, however, there may be some tasks abandoned or half finished as Gemini  can become bored and anxious to move onto new ventures!

    Good vocations can be found in broadcasting, sales positions, public speaking, the teaching field, networking (remember communication with others). We are now living in the Age of Gemini and the web with its vast potential for exchange of information literally through the air! Crystallizes Gemini's persona and any vocations or endeavor in this field should serve them well. See our Success page for more detailed information on your vocations and what Astrology can offer you in this realm!

Gemini should seek a lively witty partner, one not afraid to debate issues.  Good connections can be found in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), timidity is not a problem for these signs and intellectual debate and exchange of ideas should be abundant.For a deeper understanding of astrology and your relationships see our Synastry page!

Good Vocations


The sign Gemini relates to the shoulders, arms, and nervous system.  These areas could be a problem at some point in life.  Gemini's leisure activity should include meditation and other mind relaxing techniques to maintain tranquility. 

Health Concerns
The element Air and it's influence in the sign Gemini
The birth sign Gemini
The planet mercury and it's influence
The planet mercury and it's influence

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Weekly Horoscope
10/20/2014 - 10/26/2014
Gemini, One close to you will contact you this week and seek your help with a personal matter however you must keep this one at bay for they have an agenda in mind that may impact you negatively down the road, (Pluto impacting your solar 11th house of friends), also expect good news to surface around midweek regarding a financial matter that has had you on edge for some time now.
ensure your 7 Chakra centers are balanced and you'll find that you will make substantial progress this week 
consider using our crystal Balancing kit to re-align your 7 energy zones in the body!

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