Each sign of the zodiac exhibits a unique attractive quality that others find appealing and magnetic, both conscience and subconsciously, these qualities arise from the basic elemental attributes of the particular sign, for example:
The air signs:   Aquarius,Libra and Gemini, they are witty and engaging able to converse with an open minded and balanced dialog on a variety of interests. these are the socialites of the zodiac,this is a quality that the fire signs find intriguing and engaging!

The Fire signs:
Sagittarius, Aries and Leo- they have a daring,exciting thrill seeking nature that others are drawn to, they are able to take in and act on the air signs ideas, they are not afraid to explore and venture into the unknown something that the air signs personality is seeking!

The Water signs:
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces- they are sensitive to issues, able to listen and probe deep into the personality of another, they can perceive and relate to the feelings of others, depth of emotion is childs play for those born of this element.they can invigorate and lift the spirits of the sometimes gloomy pessimistic nature of the earth signs

The Earth signs:  Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo- Stable and grounded with a refreshing clarity of thought, they have a unique style of communicating that is both enlightening and forth right as well as down to earth, their practical sensible nature is reforming for the sometimes dreamy out of touch moods that show themselves from time to time in the water signs.
in addition to the elemental appeal of each of the signs listed above, your appeal to others also lies in the placement of your Moon (sign and house position) the Moon governs our emotions and intuitive awareness this waxes and wanes corresponding to the phases of this planet's 2 and one half day lunar cycle, when the Moon arrives in the sign and phase it was in at your birth, it energizes this emotional aspect of your personality and others can feel this glow within you, this lunar energy is colored by the particular sign's attributes that it resides in.
The planet Venus is also an area that governs what is appealing to us, what we feel is attractive and what attributes in another we find alluring,it is also an area where we find ourselves to be attractive to others.
 The ascendant (the front door to our inner house) also helps us in visualizing how we are coming across to others, if this welcome mat is not inviting, others may not wish to engage you or visit  your inner house!
By calculating and interpreting all of the above areas our astrologers can formulate an interpretation and a personal guide that will allow you to take full advantage of the unique appeal that is inherent in your sign and indicated by the planetary placements in your natal profile.
 This report will also indicate which signs are most compatible with you and also what attributes to look for in others that will fulfill your needs and desires in therelationship.

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