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Professional Texas Astrologer Thomas Bock - Free professional astrological charts, reports and weekly transits

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Crystal Healing

SobrietyStones 12 Step Stones Spiritual Recovery Jewelry and Inspriational Gifts creates handmade jewelry using twelve beads to celebrate recovery. Handcrafted sobriety jewelry, sobriety gifts, spiritual recovery jewelry gifts, AA jewelry, Alcoholics Anonymous Jewelry, aa gifts, stepping stones, serenity jewelry gifts, inspirational gifts, spiritual jewelry gifts, twelve step store, aa 12 step store. Handmade sterling silver and gold wire beaded jewelry, using 12 beads to represent the spiritual principles, and the ancient meanings of gemstones to support your hopes, dreams, and desires of the heart. Specializing in gemstone jewelry, birthstone jewelry, chakra jewelry, spiritual jewelry & inspirational gifts.

AA Jewelry, Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts by SobrietyStones for Spiritual Recovery Jewelry Gifts



PixieCrystals.com - We offer stunning fair-trade natural crystals and minerals, captured with precise photography, and large crystal healing research sections. Quartz, Calcite, Tourmaline, Azurite, Amethyst, Fluorite, Aqua, Malachite..."

Caryl Haxworth is a natural intuitive and healer, who is spiritually guided to provide healing with energy, light and love. She offers a range of healing services which include Intuitive Consultations & Guidance, Reiki Attunements, Angel Attunements, Angel Card Readings and Workshops as well as her own range of Charms Of Light ~ Healing Jewellery & Gifts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Crystal Healing Vibrations
Unique Crystal Healing Information and books. Crystals of the month, Crystal Photo Galleries, Message Board,Crystals and Reiki, How to use Crystals, Crystal Healing Layouts, Crystal Dragon Rumblings Newsletter. and so much more

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Energetic Arts - A wealth of information as well as certification and training in various forms of energetic healing including various systems of Reiki, the EMF Balancing Technique, Tachyon Energy, and more. Also contains a very comprehensive directory of spiritual, metaphysical, alternative healthcare and pagan related sites.
Crystal Well-Being - Crystal Healing
A site dedicated to Crystal Healing with information about Crystal Healing Nets, Crystal Meditation and the properties of Crystals. Stocks a wide range of unusual healing crystals and crystal jewellery.


Stones, Gemstones, Gem stones, Crystals Custom Shamanic Jewelry Handmade designer custom jewelry stones cabs cabochons in fire agates, moldavite, sugilite, pietersite, opal, amethyst, sapphire, larimar, ruby, tourmaline, tiger eye, lapis, moonstones, malachite, agates, quartz, shaman tools, carvings, custom gem cutting, one of a kind Shamanic talisman & amulets source, info and pictures.