The Chakra (pronouced (Chalk-Raw) is a sanskrit word which means wheel describes each of the bodies energy zones which govern a particular area of the body as follows;

7th Chakra Crown (enlightenment Center)
Wisdom,Love,inner Joy,spiritual communication,enlightenment, connection to the universe
Clear Quartz,Flourite,Amethyst

6th Chakra -The Brow or Third Eye(intuition center)
The brain,neurological center,pituitary center,eyes,ears,nose,psychic awareness,the Dream center
Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli,Iolite

5TH Chakra -Throat(Communication Center)
throat,vocal chords,gums,mouth,voice,communication,speech,creative expression,
Turquoise,Apatite,Sodalite,Blue Lace Agate,Amazonite

4Th Chakra -Heart(Relationship Center)
The heart,blood,lungs,circulatory center,,thymus gland,Compassion,unconditional love,self acceptance,forgiveness,
Malachite,Green Adventurine,Jade,Emerald,Rose Quartz

3RD Chakra-Solar Plexus (Your power Center)
The ribs,small intestines, upper abdomen,spleen,liver, Personal Power,self esteem, self confidence,vitality,self control,Vitality
Citrine,Yellow Jasper,Golden Tiger's eye

2nd Chakra  or Naval (Sexuality Center)
Sexual organs,kidneys,Liver, Stomach,Pancreas,upper intestine,Gall Bladder,Spinal Chord,,Reproduction,Emotions,Sexual Pleasure,Intimacy
Sunstone,Carnelian,Orange Calcite

  1ST Chakra -(Root or Base) SurvivalCenter
Spinal cord,Kidneys,Legs,Feet,rectum.Survial,Strenth,grounding,endurance,Earth Connection to the Earth
Black Onyx,Obsidean,Red Garnet,Jasper,Tiger's Eye

The Chakra energy zones in the body link directly with your aura or life force and must be kept balanced an in alignment to achieve optimum health and harmony in your life, there are various ways to determine which particular Chakra zone needs attention and revitalizing, the use of a crystal pendulum and a Chakra chart  as well as meditating with each stone. the method for chakra balancing is to lie down in a quite area on your back and align each stone with the particular body body area that it is associated with for 15 to 20 minutes the crystals will merge with and rebalance and harmonize your 7 major chakra energy zones, bringing clarity and optimum synergy within your aura. We have put together a chakra kit with included instructions for all you will need to achieve this result, it is not expensive and with a little practice you'll soon realize the peace of mind you have been seeking, click on the order icon below and you'll be taken to our secure site to view the product information..

the crystals used for Chakra balancing each absorb and hold energy within themselves and each stone carries with it the particular energy that is associated with the corresponding Chakra center

Your Chakra centers interacting with your life force or Aura

Your Aura and Chakra energy
Your Chakra energy zones

Visit our Chakra healing page for more information on this fascinating healing technique!

Chakra balancing chart with 7 energy stones
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