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Capricorn is practical, prudent,disciplined, and law abiding with a need to achieve and maintain structure and organization in all aspects of life.  The ruling planet Saturn portrays spiritual growth through fulfillment of obligations and learned lessons in life  (i:e) accomplishment through hard work, (we reap what we sow.)

There is also a desire and striving towards social accomplishment and success by achieving goals, these are noble traits, however, in the process of achieving this status, Capricorns are sometimes considered stubborn, rigid, and somewhat cold.  Self confidence can also be sometimes lacking.  Capricorns do have a friendly witty side to their nature and if encouraged to emerge can dispel negative perceptions of themselves to others.

   Good career paths for Capricorn are in banking and finance also management and local government positions.  Entrepreneurs, supervisors, organizers of all types also school principals, prison wardens and also occupations dealing with form and structure such as carpenters, builders, contractors, genetic research, and other scientific all make suitable choices for the sign of Capricorn.For  a more detailed look at what Astrology can offer you in the realm of your career choices see our Success page                             

Capricorn should seek balance and harmony in life with the water signs water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Water will add needed sensitivity and nurturing qualities to the sometimes cold and unmovable Capricorn personality. At the same time earths stability and practicality can balance and give a solid foundation to waters sometimes unstable path.  This can create a foundation of mutual growth and harmony for both signs. Saturns influence on Capricorn can also contribute emotional stress and depression from time to time. Therefore good connections can be found in Sagittarius where Jupiter's optimistic energy can bring balance and harmony to Capricorns moody side For more information on what Astrology can offer you regarding your relationships, see our Synastry page , Astrology can reveal many details regarding the personality that may otherwise remain hidden for quite some time and you owe it to yourself to learn all you can before committing to any long term relationship, it could save alot of pain and frustration down the road

The sign Capricorn relates to the bones, joints, and basic structure of the body.  These can present problems at some point should stress or imbalance be present.  Capricorn should be encouraged to get out and away from the desk and work and engage in recreational pastimes such as tennis, jogging, and golf



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10/20/2014 -10/26/2014
Capricorn, look for some of your personal information to be compromised or lost this week, this effect may be brought about by the planet Pluto affecting your solar 12 house of inner secrets, be sure to back up all vital data on a secure media and take second look at data protection programs you have running and ensure they are up to date, also the planet Venus favors you on the social scene as it may impact your solar 1st house of self image, this is an excellent time for all manner of entertainment and public speaking endeavors also job interviews look favorable as well.

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