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the birth sign Cancer
the birth sign Cancer

Who am I, This question has plagued many of us for so long, Astrology can help answer that question, You are a Moon Child, born while the sun was rising in the sky in the sign of Cancer. Your ruling planet is the Moon which imparts nurturing and comforting into your personal makeup, Your need in life is to give and receive emotional comfort and warmth to others, you are an oasis for others to drink from! 

Your innate ability to instantly attune yourself to others feelings and emotions makes you not just a good listener, for you don't just listen! you are able to feel their pain or happiness, whatever the case may be. your flowing watery nature also contributes to  your ability to adapt and conform to others situations. It is when you are comforting others that your psychic awareness is at it's peak, it is here where, through the study of Astrology your able to fine tune your abilities. see our PsychicZone page for more information on this ability inherent in the water signs.

As a Cancer, your highly emotional state can sometimes lead to moodiness and brooding also shyness can sometimes be a problem.Good connections with the fire signs ( Aries, Sagittarius and Leo) can be balancing, Fires assertiveness and boldness can be just what you need to bring you out of your shell, at the same timeYou can inject sensitivity and emotions into fire's fury.See our Synastry page for deeper insights into what Astrology can offer you in the realm of your relationships!  

 Good occupations for you are any that involve water, lifeguard, fisherman, dock worker etc. also any that involve helping and consoling others such as social worker, family therapist, drug and rehab counselor and any in the medical profession,also any field that involves using the imagination such as graphic design, website design,and other art related endeavors, Moon children have a knack for knowing what works commercially,that can serve them well as entrepreneurs in their own business  See our Success page for more insights into Astrology and your vocations!                                         

 The Sign Cancer relates to the chest and breast areas of the body and these can present problems at some point in life should disharmony or imbalance be present, exercise  and meditation can restore a peaceful state of mind to your sometimes oversensitive nature.

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ruling planet of Cancer

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