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Monthly Horoscope
July 2017

      The Main Focus


Psychic times

The Moon transits your sign Aries on the 16th to the 17th look for increased intuitiveness and psychic awareness in this period, trust your intuition and first impressions as this sign is noted for deep and keen perceptiveness, expect a longing for intensity and depth in your relationships, this may be a good time for social functions and dating as you will probably be able to read between the lines and gauge the feelings of others quite accurately!you must not dwell and attempt to understand, just explore your immediate first impressions.....
The lunar transit of the sign Pisces on the 15th to the 17th will color your dreams with cosmic awareness and knowledge, this is a time to begin a dream journal and document your dream content upon arising in the morning,the answers you seek may be revealed to you during this period and writing this information down will allow you to contemplate it's meaning throughout the month....
  The Lunar transit of the sign Cancer on the 24th to the 26th signifies a time to trust one's instinct and intuition, veiled communication spoken by others will not deceive you as you'll perceive the real message that lies within the words..  your sensitivity is also heightened in this period, be prepared for some moodiness esp. in affairs of the heart.

 Days of Romance
The Moon transits the sign Taurus from the 24th to the 25th this transit energizes our desire to bathe ourselves in feelings of love and desire, a time to cuddle and whisper words of delight, candlelight dinners and soft music will be in harmony with this Lunar position..

 Understanding and learning
The Moon transits the sign Gemini on the 26th to the 27th,
this period is favorable for grasping concepts and finding the meaning of issues that have evaded our understanding in the past, this is also a good time to communicate as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, this influence allows us get our point across clearly to others.. this is also a time of restlessness, expect a desire to change, to move on, just remember to finish projects that you have undertaken before proceeding forward!


March 21st to April 20th Metal-Iron

Element-Fire         Cardinal-Personal

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--- Your Moonscope---

Psychic and Romantic Lunar Time periods

July Moon Transits ;
The most Ideal times to schedule special events such as dating, learning and social get togethers! using the Moon's lunar phases and signs

 Aries, As the Sun Transits the sign Cancer this month expect a profound sense of keen intuition to enhance your envelope you,  You'll be able this month to perceive the true meanings behind words that are spoken esp' being conveyed by loved ones in your life also expect to come across one in need of assistance from you, you must make a concerted effort to aid this individual as they trust you and value your presence in their life, in the end you will be rewarded for your efforts.
Your love life is also favored this month as the Moon (Ruler of the sign Cancer)
also smiles upon your romantic ambitions all month long.

The Moon's influence this month will affect your 7th Chakra center Quartz crystal can instill clarity and enhanced perception this month consider balancing all of your
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