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the Sunsign Aries the Ram

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, Governed by the planet Mars, inherits the energies of Assertiveness and Boldness, unafraid to act in any situation, ready to leap and tackle a problem head first.  This trait also lends itself to your day to day communication, you are open and direct, you speak your mind with no beating around the bush.sThis is good but can also lead to hurt feelings along the way. As an Aries, sensitivity should be cultivated in your day to day dealings with others. See our PyroZone page for more information on the fire signs of the zodiac.           

  Good vocations for Aries are entrepreneurs, adventurers, police officers, firemen, and EMS workers.  Aries being a fire sign, gives you the capacity to motivate others to act.  Your element fire glows within you and others can feel its heat when they are near you, this coupled with the very nature of the ram makes you unafraid to tackle any new job venture that may come your way. See our Success page for more detailed information on what Astrology has to offer in the way of your Career choices in life.
Good connections can be found in the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Their ideas and imagination when acted on by your fire element can be forged into realities.  Remember, air feeds fire and makes it glow! At the same time sometimes a more balanced relationship is called for and this can be found inthe water signs of Cancer, and Pisces. Their sensitivity and nurturing nature can be just what you need to alert you to the sensitivity of others.  On love and romance, Aries are exciting and daring partners, unafraid to experiment with new techniques, willing to crash through boundaries, quick to fall in love at first sight. This can be good but remember patience must be practiced with Aries, even in matters of the heart.See our Synastry page for more insights into your relationships!

       Health Matters
The sign Aries rules the head and neck areas of the body.  Aries also have sensitive digestions.  These areas can present problems such as headaches, migraines, and upset stomachs from time to time. A good way for Aries to remain balanced would be to practice sports such as aerobics and meditation can also help. keep the mind balanced.
 For a complete,detailed and personalized analysis of your astrological profile, please visit our Birth Chart page, here you will find what a birth chart analysis can offer you in terms of understanding  who you are and what you can become!     

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