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The sign Aquarius portrays innovation and independent thought and action.  Aquarians are likeable and friendly, but they need their space, it is sometimes hard to predict their course of action as they are always seeking a new path with which to travel and a new tool for the job.  Gadgets, inventions, and original ideas are all utilized by Aquarius as vehicles to express an innate sense of originality and inventiveness.

        " I'm Different"

Their element air imparts a curious and contemplating mode of thought filled with ideas, this also adds to the signs innovativeness.  Since the discovery of the planet Uranus in 1781, astrologers have equated the planet to one of discovery. In 1788 the first flight of a hot air balloon allowed us to escape the force of gravity. In 1787 Uranium was first discovered. And since then the world has witnessed many new inventions such as electricity, the telegraph, the telephone, etc

Careers involving discoveries such as inventors, scientists, researchers, private investigators, and astrologers. Also careers involving flight, such as astronauts, airline pilots and aviators.  All are astrologically suited to Aquarius. For more information on what Astrology can offer in the realm of your career choices see our Success page

Sometimes Aquarians find it difficult to establish a close relationship as they strive to maintain their independence and keep their originality intact. They should seek to find harmony in thefire signs fire signs of (Leo and Sagittarius) as discoveries and exploration are similar traits to these signs and they as well, have an independent sign to their natures.  The element air will feed the element fire and fire can forge air's ideas into reality.For a more detailed look at what Astrology can offer in the realm of your relationships, see our Synastry page, Astrology can reveal many details about one's personality that may otherwise remain hidden for quite some time, you owe it to yourself to learn all you can before committing to any long term relationship 

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The sign Aquarius relates to the nervous system and the electrical neurons that fire the nerves.  These can present problems at some point in life should stress and disharmony be present.
 For a complete,detailed and personalized analysis of your astrological profile, please visit our Birth Chart page, here you will find what a birth chart analysis can offer you in terms of understanding  who you are and what you can become!

Weekly Horoscope
10/20/2014 - 10/26/2014
Aquarius, this week Pluto may impact your solar 6th house of health and well being, and this may bring about a drastic change in life style for you.Pluto describes a tearing down of the old and a rebuilding of the new and this can be a positive in your life. also expect to be contacted by an old acquaintance seeking to re-connect with you just be sure you are ready for what this entails as this one has committed to another in some fashion,

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the planet Uranus ruler of Aquarius
Aquarius the water bearer
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